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I'm teaching in Edmonton!

I'm teaching quilting classes at Central Sewing in Edmonton at the beginning of June! I'm excited because last time I was so well received and the class participants were great. It turned out that we had the same students for all 4 longarm quilting classes that we got to know each other and I think the students learned a lot.

So, I get to go it again! The first 3 classes are for longarm students. The last class is open to everyone. I recently did a presentation at my guild regarding borders and this class will cover that information and a lot more including how to sew bindings to a quilt with a perfectly mitered corner and no visible join!

Here are the links to the individual classes. Contact Central Sewing directly to register.

Beyond Meandering and Loops - Allison Spence - South 3, Friday June 2; 9:30am Many long-armers start with a simple meander or loop design. These are simple shapes and easy patterns to stitch. Go further and learn 5 basic shapes of free motion quilting as well as how to use and combine them for your quilt.

Quilt It My Way - Allison - South 3 Friday June 2; 1:30pm Sometimes the hardest part of quilting is choosing your quilting designs. In this class we'll explore, discuss and practice a variety of quilting motifs and see how a little change can make a big impact. We'll also look at how to combine motifs for a unified and pleasing quilt finish.

Quilting From the Back - Allison Spence - South 3 Saturday, June 3; 9:30am This class will show you how to use paper pantographs. Even if you have never used a longarm machine before, this class would be the perfect introduction. We'll quilt a charity quilt as practice.

Borders and Bindings - Allison - South 3 Saturday, June 3 1:30pm No matter how beautiful the piecing, if the border isn't sewn on properly, the quilt won't lay flat and it will be miserable to quilt. We'll discuss the importance of piecing quilt borders correctly for a perfectly flat quilt. We'll review a few methods of binding to achieve continuous binding and mitered corners. This is a lecture and demo class.

Well I'm off to quilt a twin size quilt on my smaller domestic machine. I'll tell you all about it later! It sure is a challenge!

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