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Thursday Thread - Mirage

Last week I posted about my Alberta Lone Star quilt that I finally finished!!!!

I want to share a bit more about the threads I used for this project.

For the feathers and continuous curves I used WonderFil Specialty Threads Mirage #39, Before Dark. I've looked at this thread many times, but all I saw was brownish grey. It wasn't until I was teaching a Threaducation class and a student was stitching with this great thread that I saw shades of blue and yellow. Perfect for my Alberta Lone Star quilt! Mirage is a 30wt rayon thread. Some will say rayon thread isn't strong enough for quilting, but I find it is good when I use it in combination with something else like a polyester in the bobbin. In addition, the 30wt is thicker than a traditional rayon embroidery thread that we are used to.

The background fill and the bobbin thread were both WonderFil DecoBob #301, Navy. This is a wonder thread in that I can use it in many areas. I can easily use it in both my bobbin and my needle. There is an extra twist in the 80wt polyester thread that helps the stitches to 'lock' and I find I get very few tension issues.

Give either or both of these threads a try. I know you'll like them.

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