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Fabric Dyeing - Red-yellow

I had some mixed bottles of dye and needed to use them up. I can't remember when I last dyed fabric (2-3 months) and these bottles of dye solution (dye powder and plain water) had been sitting in thsese bottles all this time.

I did a quick squirt out of each colour on a paper towel and decided to add a bit more yellow dye powder to the orange colour.

I cut Fat Quarters of fabric and labeled them and 12 containers.

I measured out 1 cup of dye solution and did the "halvsies" method to dilute the dye solution in each of 11 of the 12 containers. I decided #1 and #12 were to be my full strength dye solutions.

The darkest (strongest solution) of the red is in container #12. The weakest is in #2. Container #1 is for the strongest solution of the 2nd colour.

I started with #1 and added the strongest solution of the yellow and worked my way up to #11. Then I added the fabric and smooshed it about a bit to make sure there was no white fabric left. I added 1/3 cup of Chemical water to every container and let everything batch.

You'll notice in the gallery of images below that the yellow is quite strong. I probably added a little too much yellow dye powder to my orange dye bottle and as it was fresh dye it was much stronger and overrode the dye in the bottle.

So, now I have 12 lovely Fat Quarters of fabric that will never be reproduced! Such lovely surpises when you just "wing it"!

Happy Quilting

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