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Stars & Swirls Summer 2020 Quilt Along - #4, Swirl Blocks

It's Step #4 of the Stars & Swirls Summer 2020 Quilt Along. Let's get started right away.

We've completed the Star blocks and now we are moving on to the Swirl blocks.

Print the PDF pattern for this page of the instructions.

Stars&Swirls pattern pages 6
Download PDF • 948KB

For this block we'll need the Large Square Squared tool from Deb Tucker's Studio 180 Designs. I have some available for sale if you need to purchase one. There are 3 different Square Squared tools. We want the LARGE. There are 2 parts to this tool, an A and a B. I'll show you have to use both parts.

Now, I have a confession and apology to make. I got carried away making the Swirl Blocks and was almost completely done and realized that I hadn't done any video! I've finished the Swirl Blocks and finished the blue quilt as you'll see in the video. I'm onto a new lap size quilt and I hope that I can video every part that I need!

Swirl Block Cutting

In the pattern I've listed all the sizes we need to to make the blocks. Try it with some scrap first, or jump in and let's get going. You might want to starch these fabrics before you start sewing. As each of the squares will be cut in half diagonally and you'll be working with bias edges. Don't forget to use the paper plates and Post It notes to keep all the pieces straight. You will need a light square and a dark square of each size, cut in half on the diagonal except for the smallest light fabric square. Do not cut this square in half!

Swirl Block Sewing

As I mention in the video, you will be sewing the fabrics in a consistent order. In my sample, I'm using the blue fabric as the light and the green fabric as the dark. I'm starting with a light/blue fabric square and will sew the blue/light fabric triangles on first. Trust me, it will make sense once you are into a few rounds. You can either sew 1 block at a time or work on all the blocks in an assembly line manner.

Swirl Block - Round 1

Swirl Block - Round 2

Swirl Block - Round 3

That was easy! You have all your blocks sewn, pressed and trimmed. You should have 9 (20, 25, 36) blocks sewn.

Next up are the setting and corner triangles and putting all these blocks together.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Subscribe to the blog so you get notifications when I post and I'll look forward to sharing this fun quilt with you this summer.


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