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Handi Quilter Academy 2017.....I need help!

Oh My Goodness!!!!!

In September I went down to Salt Lake City for Handi Quilter Educator Training. This was a dream come true. I've just come back from a Handi Quilter Event and loved teaching these HQ owners and some soon to be owners!

After the training session, I received an email asking for class proposals for 2017 Handi Quilter Academy. I decided to submit a selection of class proposals. AND 4 of my classes have been selected!

I have lots of work to do over the coming months to prepare for this event and I am soooooo excited to be counted among the likes of Debby Brown and Sue Patten (2 of my quilting idols)!

Although my class topics are near and dear to my heart, I am looking for student "guinea pigs" in the new year. I want to practice my classes with local longarmers. I'll be posting dates in January and February and ask that anyone who would like to join me and be willing to critic my classes sign up.

I'll be teaching 2 Lecture Demo classes and 2 Longarm Hands on classes.

Fear-Free Quilting: What I Wish I Knew When I Got my Longarm

Learn lots of tips and tricks for quilting on your longarm. We’ll look at quilt preparation and loading methods, as well as stitching techniques and many more blow-your-mind ideas to give you confidence as you quilt. Lecture Demo

Three Approaches to Quilting Feathers

Find the Techniques That Work for You. Let’s remove the fear of quilting feathers. Learn how easy feathers are to draw and stitch, and how to create a variety of border and background fill designs with feathers. We’ll play with the shape and size, and add a variety of design elements. Objectives: Learn how to create basic tear-drop and bounce-back feathers in a variety of directions. Learn how to change and control the shape and size of feathers. Then, we’ll try out lots of different embellishments to make the feathers spectacular. Lecture Demo

It's OK To Quilt from the Back of the Machine

Quilting from the back of the machine. It’s not hard, but there are some tricks for success. Learn how to choose the appropriate pantographs for your quilt and skill level. We’ll learn to perfectly align each row – from the first to the last. And even how to deal with stopping in the middle of a row (because of a thread break or need for a bobbin change) and restarting without a visible start and stop. We’ll practice with quilting sharp points and smooth curves, and discuss options for modifying designs. This class will be a step-by-step guide for using pantographs with success. Longarm Hands On

Welcome to My Garden

Leaves and flowers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Learn how to take very simple shapes and stitch out fantastic flowers and leaves. We’ll start with simple designs and build on that simplicity to make them much more. Longarm Hands On

Keep these classes in mind as you plan your new year learning activities. I'll post more information in the new year.

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