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Handi Quilter Feet Class

I'm offering a class on Thursday morning. We'll be looking at the optional feet available from Handi Quilter. I'll load some fabric and everyone will get a chance to play with the feet and do a bit of stitching.

I'll show you how easy it is to change the feet. We'll discuss some tips and tricks for the use of each feet.

The couching foot set has holes for 3 different weights of yarn.

The echo feet kit allows you to stitch a variety of distances from seams, previous stitching and appliques.

The Glide foot is great when you want to stitch pantographs and when you have a lot of seam intersections that could cause the regular foot to catch.

Join me at the studio on Thursday November 24 at 10am. No charge. Maximum number. Please call or text 403-819-8126 to register.

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