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Challenge 2017-#4

The next few quilt finishes could be considered cheating, but a finish is a finish and I'm taking every finish I can.

This is a baby sized quilt. I started this top many years ago when I was writing the Crossroads Quilt pattern. I didn't like the small size of the blocks, so left this quilt alone in the project box.

Last spring I taught a Panto Basics class. I loaded some extra quilt tops on the longarms in the WonderFil Threaducation Studio. I loaded 3 different pantographs and after some instruction, let the students "go to town".

All I needed to do for a finish was to put the binding on. As I was auditioning fabrics for the binding, I opened the quilt to measure the amount needed and low and behold, the binding strips were already cut! I am so glad I have started cutting the binding strips and storing them with a finished quilt top.

Binding on and I'm calling it a win!!!!!

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