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Wowza! Look at those colors!

I'm on a fabric dyeing craze lately. I've been dyeing fabric almost non stop and I'm loving it!

I found a new to me book on hand dyeing fabric in my personal library. I pulled it out to have a look and was surprised that I hadn't remembered that I had this book. Reading through it I found a new and simpler method and just had to give it a try!

I pulled out the very last of my white fabrics and ripped it into just enough FQs to do what I wanted to do.

First up was a 12 step color wheel. I choose bright yellow, fuchsia and turquoise dyes. The method is straight forward and I was surprised that I made less mess than usual.

I love the colors and the texture I get in my fabrics.

At the back of the book, author Linda Johansen gives some ideas for specialty dyeing techniques. These were fun. But I was rushing and didn't take as much time as I would have liked to take. AND I was being lazy and maybe a bit frugal and was using up dye that was already mixed.

This piece was folded accordion style into a square and dipped in fuchsia and black dyes.

This piece was twisted and dye was poured over. A bit like tie dye....I'll be playing more with this method later.

I have 2 black dyes. I sprinkled the powdered dye on each half and then sprayed with water. I wanted to see what undertone colors were in the blacks.

I rolled this piece around a rope and set it in the fuchsia dye and then re-rolled and set in the black dye.

a close up of some of the texture I got.

This piece was folded and I poured dye over. I have some ideas for creating mandalas.

These 3 pieces are called a parfait. I dyed the darkest and then added the middle piece and finally the last piece. The dye was pretty well spent (all used up) by the time the 3rd piece of fabric was in the pot.

I'm calling this piece of art "galaxy". Too simple, but too much fun!

Now to start quilting!!!!!

The studio will be open on Friday, August 11 for some fabric dyeing fun! If the weather is good, we'll move outside but we've got lots of room in the dye room. Check the calendar on my website for all the details.

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