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Challenge 2017 - # 29 Sunrise Over YYC

I'm on my way! Here is quilt # 29 of my Challenge 2017. In December 2016, I attended Handi Quilter Educator training. We were all given a piece of Ice Dyed Fabric from Debra Linker and asked to quilt it as a whole cloth. We were asked to send in our completed quilt by the beginning of March 2017 to be included in an article in Machine Quilting Unlimited and to go on a 3 year tour!

Coming home, I immediately taped it to the wall at the bottom of the stairs on the way into the studio. I looked at it often. Unfortunately, I didn't start working on it until Christmas 2017. I took it to Handi Quilter Educator training this year.

Some of the completed quilts were on display in the Gallery and we were able to have a bit of show and tell. Check out the Handi Quilter blog post about these quilts. Please ignore the absolutely horrible picture of me. I had been up since 6:30 the previous morning, had 2 flights cancelled in Seattle and arrived in Salt Lake city late to training on Monday with the start of a horrible cold!

I've titled this quilt "Sunrise over YYC". My kitchen window faces east and we often get a fantastic sunrise. This quilt brings the sunrise down into my studio.

I quilted this with Superior's MicroQuilter. After last year's training, we were sent some of the New Micro Quilter thread to try and I love it on the longarm.

I used a double batt to get maximum texture - Quilter's Dream Cotton/poly and a high loft polyester batting. The rules stated that we needed to face the quilt, so yippee! no binding, but a lot of hand stitching on the back.

Woot, Woot, Challenge 2017 quilt #29 is on the wall.

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