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Challenge 2017/18 - # 43 & 44 - Geese in Blue

My mother taught me to sew and knit. When hubby complains (which he hardly ever does) I can blame my mum!

Mum and Dad recently celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary. As I told them at our family dinner, they had set us 3 daughters very strong and clear examples of a Godly faith, Strong and loving partnership and caring parents. I love them to bits!!!!!

I need to back up a bit. Although Mum had sewn and knitted and done needlework for years, it wasn't until I started quilting that Mum picked it up. She used to come to Calgary a couple of times a year to go to various quilting retreats with me. She loves scrappy quilts best because she uses the smallest bits of fabric up. Over the years Mum has made full size quilts for their bed. Her goal was to have a quilt for every season and every month of the year. I think Mum had about 8 quilts for the bed.

They recently moved into an apartment and replaced their queen with separate twin beds. I visited them in Winnipeg in March and commented to my Dad that they needed more than 2 quilts each. Immediately he said BLUE! So, I introduce to you the 2 Geese in Blue quilts.

I have been on a Flying Geese frenzy this past year. I found a new to me method of making flying geese blocks and love this method for its ease of sewing and trimming.

I wanted to make matching quilts, but not too matchy,.

I collected as many different dark and light blue batiiks as I could. One quilt is dark blue with light blue geese and the other is light blue with dark geese.

The quilting in both quilts is the same. You will notice that on one my loops loop out and on the other the loops loop in. A slight change, but makes the quilts looks just a bit more different.,

I labelled the quilts by stitching their names and the date into the binding by using the lettering function on my domestic sewing machine.. This is an easy way to label quilts simply and permanently.

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