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Challenge 2017/18 - #46 - Modern Wedding Rings in purple

When each of my nieces and nephews turned 16 I made them a full size quilt. When they started getting married, I made them another quilt. I usually pieced a traditional wedding ring quilt.

This spring we were thrilled to be invited to Kris and Tasi's wedding. I was informed pretty quickly that their colours were grey and purple! I've been playing with a new quilt design and thought this would be the perfect project to try out the design and pattern.

I'm calling it "Modern Wedding Rings".

At the pre-reception appetizer time, my nephew came close to me and asked if I had made what he hoped I had made for them? My reply "if I were to make you something, what colour?" PURPLE!!!

They were not having a formal gift opening, but did come by their parent's house on Sunday after the wedding to open their quilt!

They loved it and I am sure will cherish it!

My husband's younger brother was visiting us at the time I was working on the quilt. He chose and supervised the quilting with the Handi Quilter Pre-Stitcher. We all agreed that his name could go on the label!

Our prayers for a happy life to Kris and Tasi

Watch for the request for pattern testers coming soon!

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