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A wet tropical fruit cocktail!!!

Each morning as I hang a quilt out for the #neigbourhoodquiltshow, I check the sky and wonder what the day will be like. Hubby is convinced that if the weather report on TV says rain, it will be a sunny day!

Today's quilt is Tropical Fruit Cocktail. This was part of the group submission at the 2017 Heritage Park Festival of Quilts.

Many of the members of the Calgary Longarm Group took a class using Deb Tucker's Studio 180 Designs Rapid Fire Hunter Star tool. I'm now a certified instructor for the Studio 180 Designs tools.

Well, this quilt is hanging outside today. This afternoon the sky turned black and the rains came. By the time I realized it was raining, the quilt was soaked.

I love how the quilting shows when the quilt is wet! The quilt will have to spend some time in the washer on a spin cycle and then lay flat to dry.


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