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Excellent partnership!

You get excellent results when you partner a group of quilters and the Studio 180 Design tools and sew for a great cause!

Nancy from Bow Bench Retreat and I tossed around the idea of using the Studio 180 Design tools and having a Charity Quilt day.

So a group of quilters joined us last Saturday and used the Corner Pop tool to make the BlockBuster #73 Twisted Points blocks.

The block is basically a 9 Patch with 4 corner units, 4 side units and a center unit. We chose an 18" block.

We started with the corner units and learned how to trim 2 opposite corners and sew triangles. All 80 units (4 corners for 20 blocks) were made the same way with a green and a brown corner triangle.

Once we made the corners, we each worked on a couple of the centers. Brown centers received green corners and green centers received brown corners.

The measurements for both these triangle units were the same, so that was easy.

After lunch we worked on the trickier side units. The triangles were bigger and the colours had to go in the right order. A few tricks to remember and these units were quickly sewn after lunch.

Then it was time to arrange and sew the units into blocks. Everyone pitched in and we finished sewing this quilt in no time. We were a couple of block centers short, so I brought the quilt home to finish and quilt.

I'll share more when I get the last blocks completed, load and quilt the quilt.

In the meantime, Happy Quilting!


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