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Latest quilt retreat

I am very fortunate to have a group of quilting friends who invite me to a wide variety of quilting events....retreats. I've been to retreats in Windsor Ontario, Strathmore Alberta, Winnipeg Manitobe, Sylvan Lake Alberta, and Fruitvale British Columbia (near Trail). I drove back from Fruitvale last night after a great week of sewing, eating and visiting with new and older quilting friends.

Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures to share. I guess I was just too busy sewing and eating.

Last year I was working on a sewing tool holder and the girls asked me to show them how to make them, so we had an impromptu class. This year, they asked what I was teaching them. I didn't have anything planned, but had just finished making some zipper bags for myself and they were willing, so we had a class.

I took pictures of only 3 of the bags that were made....I kept getting distracted by my own sewing. Caroline made a bag for each of her daughters with handles to carry them easily. They are the perfect size to fit a hair brush, and toiletries for camping and sleepovers.

Elaine stitched an extra long tab to fit over her wrist. As it was an impromptu class, I didn't have written instructions. I promised the girls that I would do a tutorial soon on the blog.

The place where we stay is absolutely beautiful. There are walking paths through the woods, with a caution to watch out for the bears! My dear quilting buddy made me walk across this rope bridge!

But the view up the creek was worth it!

I need to make a quilt for a friend and although I've decided on the pattern, I couldn't settle on the colour scheme. I love the colours in this snail's trail quilt. Need to start looking for those lovely purples and greens.

My quilting buddies and I (3 of us) are making a scrappy Shakespear in the Park quilt. This is what I got done this week. I wanted to see it on the wall so badly. Two of us have decided that we want to do it again in just 2 colours instead of light and dark scraps.

Many of the ladies who attend the retreat live locally, so they go home to their own beds every night. The 3 of us from Calgary, slept in the camp cabins the first year....but the hike to the washrooms and the worries of visits from the local bear didn't sit too well. Last year we tried a local hotel but found that the drive back and forth and not being able to go for some quiet time was a drag. This year one of the lovely local ladies loaned us her camper and on board bathroom!!!!! So, nighttime was a treat. We had our own beds and could easily head off for a bit of quiet time if needed during the day.

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