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Confession time.

I have a confession. I have another passion, besides quilting that it. I love to knit. I knit in the car and whenever I am sitting in front of the TV. I have been known to take my knitting with me to meetings. Knitting these projects allows me to watch TV guilt free!

In the past I've knit all kinds of projects; Sweaters, mittens and gloves, hats and toys. Lately, I've found that my mind is not capable of knitting projects that require me to pay attention. So, I've limited myself to socks from the toe up and shawls and scarves.

Whenever I visit my daughter in Vancouver, I'll walk down main street and visit Three Bags Full. I always seem to find something that whispers in my ear "Buy Me, Buy Me!".

During my last visit to Winnipeg, my Mum needed to find some yarn for a cowell she wants to make. We visited Wolesley Wool and a lovely skein kept calling to me! Not sure about the Baby Camel, but I'll give it a try for a shawl and see how it goes.

I usually knit socks from the toes up. Most skeins of yarn are enough for a pair, so I'll wind the skein into 2 balls of approximately equal lengths and weights. The socks are mindless. I usually don't do a pattern (unless I'm bored) and just knit till I run out of yarn. I cast on and knit the toes of the first sock. Then repeat with the 2nd sock and continue the foot on #2. Then will do the foot and heel on sock #1. The heel on #2 is done, then part of the leg. I'll get the 1st sock leg to match and then just keep jumping back and forth till one of the balls is almost out. I cast off and both are done! No Second Sock Syndrome for me!

Unfortunately, I don't have many socks to show for my efforts. They are literally taken off my feet. I don't really mind. I get to shop for more yarn!

Schachenmayr, fashion in two colour ways.

I find the shawls relaxing to knit. I look for something in the yarn that is interesting and use the same shawl pattern over and over again. If I get bored, I'll end with some sort of a stitch pattern but will rarely do the pattern throughout the project. I guess I get distracted easily. This is my go to shawl pattern. Cast on 4. Increase 2 stitches at the beginning of alternate rows. Knit all rows. Cast off when I run out of yarn!

And no matter how much I want to curl up on the couch this afternoon and knit, I have to get down to the studio and quilt. More on these projects later.

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