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Great Plans for Monday........didn't work

I went to bed on Sunday evening with great plans for my Monday!

I got up early, had my coffee and put on my work uniform.....leggings, sweater and slippers and headed down to the studio to work. I've started listening to books on tape and the current one is great!

I am working hard on finishing a couple of quilts that will be on display at the Fish Creek Library in November. I'm also working on class samples for my up-coming Handi Quilter Event in Ontario in early November. So, my plate is pretty full!

I finished quilting the blocks on this quilt and was quite proud of myself and started on the border. I'd got the feathers quilted and decided to quilt Piano keys from the feather to the outer edge of the border. Well, anyone who uses rulers on their longarm knows that you need to pay attention and keep the ruler from sliding over or under the quilting foot! Yep. I didn't, and my needle stopped in my ruler. The ruler didn't break, thank goodness, but my machine didn't like it. I was able to fix things easily, but that put a damper on the rest of my quilt day.

So, I came upstairs and worked on the computer for a while. I wanted to keep reading, I went back downstairs, glared at the longarm and finished piecing a quilt top on my domestic machine while listening to more of my book!

Back to the longarm!

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