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2017 Challenge......Accepted!

I have set myself a challenge for 2017.

Last year a friend posted images daily of artwork from nature. Evelyn posted some great pictures and this year she is doing a Needlework Stitch a Day. I was inspired to see what she posted each day and this year I am looking forward to see what stitches she does each day in 2017.

So, back to my challenge......I am not disciplined enough to do something every day....that's 365 somethings! Not gonna happen! But I can do maybe 52 somethings!

I have accepted the challenge I have set for myself to FINISH 52 quilting related projects in 2017. I figure that's one project each week. Surely I can do that!

2017 is a special year for me and my family. 50 years ago in 1967 we emigrated from England to Winnipeg, Manitoba. I am forever thankful to my parents to taking such a huge step in their lives. Uprooting themselves and 3 small children to start a new life in a new land. My Dad was offered a job in Winnipeg and we were on our way!

We arrived in Winnipeg in the first week of May,1967 and Mum enrolled my younger sister, Lindsey and I in school. That week the school, Laura Secord Elementary was celebrating Canada's Centennial and I got to plant a tree! So, this year will be a big year for me, my family and Canada.

I am going to try to write a short blog about each finished project. I'm going to title the posts Challenge 2017-#__ and tag them so readers can find these posts easily. I'll also post on Facebook and instagram.

Join me on this challenge and wish me luck!

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