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Fabric Dyeing Classes

Join me and explore the wonderful world of dyeing your own fabric! I've had so much fun lately, playing and mixing and making a mess!

Yes, Dyeing Fabric is a messy business, but it is so well worth it. I've set up a dye space in my basement and I really don't care how much of a mess I make down there.

I invite you to join me in two classes that I've scheduled to dye fabric. There is more information on the website. Contact me to register.

Hand Dyed Fabrics - Exploring Colour

Friday, July 21; 9am-noon.

The first class is a 'taste' of basic dyeing. We'll start by dying a 3 step value gradation. Choose a colour of pre-mixed dye concentrate and 3 Fat Quarters of fabric and watch the magic! We'll then use a different method to dye 6 FQ from dark to light. We'll then move onto dying 6 FQ and a bit of colour theory. Do you know that only 3 colours make the whole range of magic that we see every day? We'll pick two colours (i.e. red and blue) and combine to make a third colour. We'll also dye a simple 3 step progression. You'll get to take these home with you and let them batch for a bit and then rinse the excess dye out. the hardest part will be cutting into these luscious colours!

Hand Dyed Fabrics - More Dyeing Adventures - Texture

Friday, August 11; 9am-noon.

The 2nd class will teach you how to mix your dye concentrate and other chemicals needed for dyeing. We'll manipulate the fabric in a variety of different ways to create texture and patterns. Again students will be dyeing 18 Fat Quarters of Fabric (4.5 meters). This class will be a bit less structured than the first class.

Hand Dyed Fabrics - More Dyeing Adventures - Surface Applications

Date and Time TBA

This is a class I haven't taught before and I'm excited to explore these opportunities with students. This class will require some pre-class work as we'll need some FQ that have been prepared before class.

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