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Challenge 2017 - #23, Marina's Quilt

Shhhhh. Can you keep a secret? Don't share this post yet!

Actually, it's OK. By the time I post, the quilt will have been gifted.

When my kids were young and I was starting to quilt, I made baby quilts, baby quilts and baby quilts. As the kids got older and they grew out of their quilts, I decided to make each of my nieces and nephews larger quilts when they turned 16. So each year we would do a Christmas gift draw and I made sure I organized it so I could pick the name of the child I was making a quilt for! They all have quilts and some of them even have wedding quilts! AND I've even had to make some more baby quilts! The family is growing.

So, I'm starting the next round of "teen quilts". I've decided to make them as high school graduation gifts.

This is the first of this next round of quilt making. Marina has just graduated high school and is headed off to university in the fall. Her mum is happy she is going to the University of Calgary and staying at home!

I asked Mum to find out her favourite colors and the answer is grey and purple. I've already blogged about this quilt when I was doing a dyeing post on QuiltSocial in June. But I wanted to share some more pictures.

I'll edit this when I give Marina her quilt this week and add a few pictures of her.

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