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Challenge 2017 - #24, Wedding Rings Quilt

Growing up, there were 3 couples with 8 daughters between them,. These couples had no immediate family near by and joined forces to become their own extended family. I am so very thankful to Auntie Sheila and Uncle Viv, Auntie Keta and Uncle Doug and my own Mum and Dad for raising 8 wonderfully strong women. We have grown to be wives, mothers, aunts, and even a few of us are grandmothers!

7 of 8 strong women

My husband and I have been privileged to be included into my Son-in-law's immediate family and extended family. Here's the next chapter of the ever widening relationship in this growing family.

We were thrilled when we heard that D was engaged to be married! She and her kids were going to be marrying G and his large family and we have been warmly drawn in as well.

D&G wedding ring quilt

I knew right away that I needed to make a quilt for them. I have in the past made traditional double wedding ring quilts for my nieces and nephews as they have been married.

I wanted to make D & G a wedding ring quilt but knew there was no way I could get the traditional rings done in time. I found this block and after playing with my EQ7, I was able to design something that closely resembled the traditional ring block.

Because I've recently started dyeing fabrics again, I choose to dye two browns and the neutral background for this quilt.

I used 2 batting to get lots of texture. A cotton/poly blend and then a wool batt on top. I could have used just one of these, but I know D & G have a trailer and do a lot of camping and thought this quilt would be great in their camper.

I spent a bit of money this spring on some new quilting books.from Bethanne Nemesh of White Arbor Quilting and Design and have just recently had time to sit and read the books rather than just looking at the pictures. This is a quick and easy feather design that I've been using lately.

I found a perfect neutral wide back at Pinheads Quilting in Airdrie and love the texture I was able to get with my feather quilting.

I love that I can use my God given talents to make something special for special people in my life and I am doubly thankful that I have the full support of my dear hubby! Thanks for trespassing into the neighbor's yard to hold the quilts over the fence for picutes.

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