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Challenge 2017 - # 25, 26, 27 - a whole lotta scraps!

I've had a busy summer. Hubby and I spent a week visiting my parents in Winnipeg. We brought my mum back with us for a week. Mu and I got a lot of quilting done! One of my summer projects was to make quilts for the 3 children of our pastor. Pastor Ken and his family have recently moved from Calgary to Surrey BC. We will miss them.

I decided to make scrap quilts for each of the kids and Mum was a great help to me as we worked on these large lap quilts for the kids.

We found this simple quilt from Quilts and More magazine and dug into my huge pile of scraps! Mum sewed all the strips together. I cut the strip sets into block units and she and I sewed partial seams to make the blocks. The quilts came together very quickly. We used the same fabric for the centre block squares, the quilt backing and the binding for each quilt and to help to identify them. James' quilt is brown, Peter's is navy and Rene's is purple.

I was thrilled when we dropped the quilts off and each of the kids said that the color they were given was their favourite!

I didn't want to leave mum out, so I had this lovely Disappearing 9-Patch quilt waiting to gift to someone. Dad received his quilt last year.

Wow, I'm moving along quickly in my quest to finish 52 projects in 2017.

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