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Thursday Thread - OMNI-V

It's Thursday and I've promised myself to write a blog post each week to highlight some of the threads I use in my studio.

This week I've been working with Superior's OMNI-V. The thread is approximately 40wt and is a poly-wrapped poly core thread. This means that there is a single strand of polyester running though the centre. This makes it a strong thread with less shredding.

The "V" stands for variegated and is in one inch colour changes. The OMNI-V thread worked beautifully on my longarm and also on my domestic for all my cover construction. I really do like how this thread stitches.

I had some extra time and backing fabric left on my quilting frame, so I added a scrap of batting and a Fat Quarter of fabric and just played with some feather quilting designs.

This week I made myself a 'traveler's notebook'. I've been experimenting with a variety of calendars and note books over the past few years. I tried a Bullet Journal but found that I could never find what I was looking for. I tried an ARC notebook and again, it wasn't just right.

Now I'm onto the Traveler's notebook and it consists of a number of individual notebooks tucked inside a cover (usually leather) that can be replaced when they are full. I included a pen pocket in this cover as I am always losing my pens.

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