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Too Much Fun!!!! and more to come! - Part 1

Wow! I had too much fun last week with the Kids Are Sewing Camps at My Sewing Room. Let me share a bit about what we did.

Monday - Friday mornings I had 5 super excited young ladies designing and sewing their own bags.

I had a pile of samples to show them and then we opened our Bag Camp books and decided what everyone wanted to do.

Miss H. chose 2 coordinating fabrics and decided to do decorative stitches on her flap. The campers were using the same machines and it was fun to listen to their chatter about which stitches and threads to use.

Miss S. was sewing a bag for her grandma's birthday party this week. She confessed that she really wanted to keep it herself! She changed the shape of the flap and insisted on a strap with an adjustable length.

Miss A. wanted a denim bag. She chose no flaps, but wanted patch pockets just like on a pair of jeans.

Miss K. knew every step of the way what she wanted and she did a marvellous job! She used decorative stitches on the body of the bag front and back and kept the quilting simple on the flap.

Miss K's bag sported a rounded flap, 2 straps (1 long and 1 short) and sewn in snaps!

We finished the bags on Thursday and had a whole morning, Friday to work on something else. The girls chose to make either a zippered change purse or a notebook cover.

I am so pleased to have met these new sewers. They did a marvellous job!

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