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Stars & Swirls Summer 2020 Quilt Along - #3, Small Flying Geese and put the star blocks together.

It's Step #3 of the Stars & Swirls Summer 2020 Quilt Along. Let's finish the star blocks.

We've sewn and trimmed the larger of the flying geese for both the dark stars (dark geese) and the light stars (light geese). Let's get the smaller geese sewn and trimmed and put these lovely blocks together.

Here's the Pattern PDF again in case you need it. It includes the steps to completing the entire blocks.

We'll now be working with the 4 1/2" large squares and the 2 1/2" small squares. You can also cut the 3 1/2" and the 2" squares so that everything is ready to complete the star blocks. Don't forget to store them on the paper plates. Move the Quilter's Glow Tape if you want. Here I added the yellow glow tape to indicate what I need to cut for my star corners.

Let's review trimming the flying geese units.

And now , we'll put it all together.

Now, in the previous video, I said to press what ever direction works. Here is a short video of some tips that I use for pressing.

Well done! Double check your pattern. You should now have 2 (6, 8, 12) Dark Stars and 2 (6, 8, 13) Light Stars. Stack these perfectly pressed gems and store them carefully. Next time we'll be working on the Swirl Blocks.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Subscribe to the blog so you get notifications when I post and I'll look forward to sharing this fun quilt with you this summer.


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