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Another panto-proficient quilter

My parents visited from Winnipeg during the Christmas holidays. Dad started to quilt (see this post) and Mum brought a quilt top to quilt (or have me quilt).

We (I) decided that since Dad was quilting, she needed to do this quilt herself. We chose a simple pantograph and I got her all set up.

Mum's first past was a bit hesitant, but most of the quilting was in the border and the stitching wouldn't show!

Mum had never quilted on my longarm and has never done any pantographs.

She got the quilt quilted in no time flat and sat down to bind it right away. Notice her scarf - she literally stole it off my neck when I visited them in Winnipeg in September! Looks great on her!

Unfortunately, we didn't get an"after" picture once the quilt was bound. It has been sealed in a vacuum bag and taped into a box to go home with them tomorrow. Mum will add this quilt to her stash of charity quilts to be donated at some future date.

This post and the previous post about my Dad remind me of the importance of sharing our skills and activities with others. Both my parents are super "crafty". Mum knits when she's not sewing. I have memories of her standing at the stove waiting for the potatoes to boil with a ball of yarn under her arm, knitting.

Mum and I have spent many hours during this visit, knitting socks. She has almost completed one pair ( left the rest of the yarn at home) and started and completed 1 1/2 socks on another pair! I've started 2 pair and almost finished both!

My Dad has done beautiful wood working projects and stained glass. I am proud to display many of his glass projects in my home....I'll have to take pictures and post them later. He is very talented in the "home renovation and repair" department. He helped my husband put drawers in my cupboards this week.

No more crawling on my hands and knees to get at my dishes!!!!!

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