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Challenge 2017 # 3 - Stained Glass Beauty

As past of my 2017 Challenge I am documenting 50 finished projects. Quilt #3 is a "stained glass" that my Mum gave me a while ago to quilt for her. I pulled it from the very large tub of quilts to be quilted a few weeks ago and had a closer look at it to plan the quilting.

I've already shared that I now have a Handi Quilter Pro-Stitcher and this quilt needed something special in the blocks.

I chose the "Denali 2" design by Anne Bright to quilt each block. I created the area using multi-point and used the Skew 2 to make each block fit. I rotated the blocks to create a more pleasing flow. Yes, some of the blocks were that wonky!

In the sashings I used "Curls" by Handi Quilter.

I had some challenges with the sashing and chose to leave the corners and outer border/sashing un-quilted. It wasn't until I was editing photos that I realized there was a 'top' and 'bottom' to the curl designs. I'll have to pay closer attention next time.

That's #3 in the bag. The quilt has been trimmed and delivered and Mum loves what I've done to it.

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