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Challenge 2017 - #13 Evie's Quilt

This is a simple little quilt made for a lovely little girl in Vancouver.

My daughter asked me to make a quilt for a friend's new baby girl.

I pulled out my "girly" hand dyes and batiks strips. Strips were cut 2" wide (my new favourite strip size) and I sewed them together end on end. I did a very quick calculation and determined that I needed approximately 850" of length on this strip. My strips were anywhere from 2" to 40" in length. I sewed the strips together randomly "jelly roll race" style. I found that the final seam joined 3 lengths of light fabric at the center of the quilt and I didn't like the look. I undid the centre seam and rotated one side. I like the finish much better. I added a 3" border and this quilt was ready for quilting.

I've been playing with a free hand all over feather design. This design involves a curl in and out with a few (3-5) feather plumes and an echo to get met to where I want to go next.

I've played with this design a bit and have quilted a number of quilts with this motif. I tried to continue the motif in the border, but I just couldn't see it in the busy fabric, so I changed to Piano Keys.

I ended up switching to a simple piano key border. Since I had just started the stitching in the one corner, it became an interesting little spark of design! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!!

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