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Challenge 2017 - #15 Bug's Sunshine

When your daughter says "mum can you finish a quilt for me?" You say "of course!".

My daughter sewed this lovely Sunshine and Shadows quilt 4 years ago just after my grand daughter was born. Liz would come over and join a group of us who were sewing together. We didn't do much sewing. We just passed my grand daughter around between us for cuddles! Liz put her head down and sewed and sewed! She had this quilt almost complete. It just needed a few quilting lines stitched and the binding on. My grand daughter has graduated to a big girl bed and this quilt will be perfect for her.

Unfortunately, she had quilted the quilt with diagonal lines in rayon thread. Rayon thread is beautiful for free motion quilting, but not for straight lines on the diagonal. It just isn't strong enough to withstand any stretching of the quilt on the diagonal. I knew that the Bug would be playing with and dragging the quilt around, so decided to quilt extra lines with stronger polyester thread. Why I started stitching on my smallest throat machine I'll never know! but I did it!

I ended up rolling the quilt to get it through the throat space. Now I know why I moved to free motion quilting and gradually grew to a longarm machine.

I quilted free motion on the border. That was easy.

I used my latest favourite ribbon curl feather for the border. I stitched it small enough so that I could do the complete design in just hand re-positionings.

I have to share a few photos of the Bug using her quilt! She showed me how to do a burrito roll!

Love the laughs!

Finally, a shot of my beautiful daughter and grand daughter.

That's #15 done! It wasn't my quilt, but I finished it!

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