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Challenge #17 - Simple to Amazing

I joined the team at Handi Quilter last year to become a National Educator. I get to travel around North America and teach people how to use their machines! Life is good! When a Handi Quilter Retailer books an event, they have a choice of about 15 classes to choose from. I need to be prepared for any of these classes.

The latest class I have prepared for and stitched a sample is "Start Simple, Expand to Amazing". The idea of this class is to start with something simple, an element in the quilt or the fabric and see what you can do to create a truly amazing finished project!

Here's my sample. I used a variety of WonderFil threads to show and hide the stitches. I also used a high loft polyester batting because I wanted the texture to show.

I'm including it my Challenge, because I finished it!!!!

Now my personal challenge will be to quilt a larger quilt in the same fashion.

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