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Road Trip!

We are in Winnipeg visiting my parents. We took 2 days to get from Calgary and took the north route through Yorkton. Unfortunately, no quilt shop were open on Sunday or Monday.

Mum is an avid quilter and hubby and daddy are great supporters. So on Tuesday we ran errands in town and yesterday drove to Gimli.

Thought I'd share my personal shop hop visits.

Tuesday morning we google mapped Keystone Quilts in south east Winnipeg. A lovely little store and quite easy to find. Because of my fabric dyeing craze, I'm picking up meters of various manufactures of white fabric. I bought some princess mira batik white and Kona white fabric.

Next stop was to drop off Mum's machine for servicing at KTR Sewing in the north of Winnipeg. I bought some Kona PFD fabric there.

Yesterday we drove to Gimli and visited Fabriculous. A great store with some fantastic fabrics. I limited myself and bought 1 meter of Free Spirit white fabric. This is a new brand/manufacture to me and I'm anxious to see how it dyes.

On our drive home to Mum and Dad's we stopped at Cedar House Quilting just north east of Winnipeg. I bought a meter of Cantik Batik in white as well as a 90" muslin from Quilt Source and a white cotton from Siltex.

I am anxious now to get home and see how each of these fabrics will take the dyes.

We may stop in a few more places on our way home this weekend. I'll share what I got!

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