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Thursday Thread - such a difficult choice

I'm starting a new weekly blog post series. I'm going to share some information and images of the threads I use each week. I am hoping to post on a weekly basis, but you know how life goes......

Each post will include a bit of information about a specific thread that I am using in my domestic sewing, sit down quilting and longarm quilting projects.

I have long worked with WonderFil Specialty Threads. It is a great thing that their headquarters and warehouse are here in Calgary. When I run low, I can quickly run over and pick up more thread. This usually is a 45 minute round trip unless I start chatting with the lovely gals there. WonderFil has a wide range of threads in all kinds of materials and for a wide range of purposes.

I've just started stitching with Superior Threads. They have a very close association with Handi Quilter and I'm excited to learn more about their various products as I work on upcoming projects.

As I have a very wide selection of threads to choose from, I'm going to attempt to not be bias but give an honest review of each thread and just show you what they can do. Feel free to make suggestions of threads you'd like me to highlight.

Watch for my new weekly thread highlight on Thursdays.

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