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Thursday Thread - WonderFil Fabulux

WonderFil's Fabulux is this week's focus for Thursday Thread.

Fabulux is a 3 ply, 40 wt polyester thread. 35 of the 40 colors are random dyed variegated colors. These threads are perfect for adding texture to a quilt as well as color.

Remember to always look at the top of the spool of multi colored threads to see each color. Looking at the side of the spool will give you an overall color scheme of the threads.

This thread color is FB08, Ocean Breeze. There is a lovely lemon yellow, fuchsia and turquoise that blend from one color to the other and sometimes you'll see a hint of orange as the yellow and fuchsia meet and a tiny bit of green moving from the blue to the yellow. This is a fun color and can brighten any project.

Wonderful recommends using a size 90/14 top-stitch or quilting needle and a size 16 longarm needle. The thread is a shiny trilobal polyester thread. It it a bit slippery so hand sewing is not recommended..

Have fun playing with WonderFil's Fabulux thread. I think this thread is well really is Fabulous!

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