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Thursday Threads - Which one to use?

I just needed to quilt something this week! I had completed all my customer quilts and needed to add a border to a large quilt of mine. I didn't feel like working on the quilt border, so I dug through the "to be quilted at some point" box. In this box I put sample quilts and quilt tops my Mum gives me to quilt when I get around to it.

I pull this lovely quilt of Mum's out of the box and since it was bundled with the backing, it was ready to go.

I pulled out Superior Threads' OMNI-V #9021 Mystic and thought it would be a good choice. It wasn't until I did some test stitching, that I realised there was a lot of purple in this thread colour. I switched to #9011 Philodendron and it was the perfect blend of light and dark greens.

Superior Threads' variegation are made up of either a single colour in various shades or 3-4 coordinating colours. The colour changes are 1" lengths.

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