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Vacation = thinking and dreaming time.

Vacation time in the much needed sun gives me time to think, dream and plan. We've arrived at a new resort just north of Cancun, Mexico and spent the afternoon enjoying a drink and walking along the beach!  I'm feeling the effects of the waves, not the drinks!

This time last year I was days out from my foot surgery. I had the joint on the big toe on my right foot fused. I hobbled around for a few weeks and gained a new appreciation for those with chronic health issues. Even though the pain in my right foot would be considered minor, I hadn't realized how it impacted my life till it was healed.

We went south last year at Easter and I couldn't the sand. What a difference a few months made.

In addition to the time on the beach I'm already thinking, planning and dreaming of new ideas for the Meadow Rose Quilts studio.

Off the top of my head here are some ideas....

Stitch it weekend. Friday and Saturday stitch times In the studio. Learn something new or just come to sew.

Design your own feather class. Combine a number of different types and styles of feathers to create your own stylized feather design.

It' a good start to my week. Touch base tomorrow.

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