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Challenge 2017/18 - #45, Anniversary Scraps from Canada!

I received an email from my sister early this year to inform us that for my parent's 60 wedding anniversary my mother's younger brother and his wife had booked flights to surprise my Mum and Dad in June for their Anniversary!

I knew right away that I would need to give them a quilt to commemorate their visit. In March I went to Winnipeg to visit Mum and Dad. Every time I see Mum, I get a bag full of scrap quilts to quilt. She can and will do the smaller lap size and baby quilts on her own, but I get to work on the bigger ones.

This is the perfect opportunity to play with new to me quilt motifs and stitch patterns, learn and stitch something new with my Handi Quilter Pro-Stitcher and play with new rulers.

Because I knew Uncle John and Auntie Trish were coming, I asked if I could take one of the quilts in the bag and quilt it for a couple that "needed" a quilt. Mum's generous answer was "of course".

As I quilted each of these scrappy quilts I was looking for the perfect quilt to do a little something special for Uncle John and Auntie Trish. I had one quilt completed, but it was ok, but it didn't give me that special quilt feeling.

The very last quilt out of the bag and loaded.....THIS WAS IT!!!!

By this time I had finished Mum and Dad's quilts (see quilts #43 & 44) and I was able to incorporate both quilting designs into this one!

Everyone was thrilled at the reveal!

The funny thing was that Mum had already guessed that Uncle John was coming and was planning to bind and give one of these quilts to them!

Great minds think alike!!!! I love the partnership I have with Mum. She loves to piece and I love to quilt!

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