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Challenge 2017/18 - #60 Hand Dyed Log Cabin

I was posting the Celtic Knot quilt and realized that I had missed a number in my listing. So I am now at 60 rather than at 61 as I thought. I may end up short of my Challenge to complete 52 + 12 quilted projects in 2017-18. Oh, Well. Let's see how far I get today.

Today's share is a very long time finishing. It is a Hand Dyed Log Cabin quilt. It is only 33" x 28.5".

Way, way back (many decades ago) there was a great, fantastic Creative Stitches festival in Calgary. The show has changed a lot over the years, but this particular year I went, I took a fabric dyeing classes with Dixon Chan from G&S Dye. We dyed little pieces of fabrics in clear plastic drinking glasses and took them home to rinse out. I was hooked!!!!!

I bought a small kit of fabric and dyes and that started me on my obsession with fabric dyeing. I was also just starting to really get into quilting at the same time. I dyed 2 pieces of fabric and followed a quilt pattern I had found in a magazine and made up this small quilt. This is another quilt, like the Celtic Knot that has been sitting in the "to be finished" pile for a long time. I had loaded this quilt with the previous Celtic Knot on a single backing fabric. Again, I played with Jamie Wallen's Curved Teardrop design.

We are having the main floor of our house painted next month. That means that all my various art work that has been on the walls for almost 20 years must come down. Holes will be patched and I will start from scratch with many places to hang quilts. This will certainly be one of the first quilts I'll hang, just to remind me of how much I love this craft!

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