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Too Much Fun!!!! and more to come! - Part 3

What an amazing summer I've had. Today I'm sharing Part 3 of my Summer Fun Kids Camps.

The Week of July 22-26 I was up at Pinheads Quilting Company in Airdrie with 4 young quilters. We sewed and sewed and quilted and quilted! We even had some time to make snap bags which were a great hit.

Our campers ranged in age from 6 to 10. It was fun to see how they got along and started chatting as the week went by.

I chose a simple strip quilt pattern for this camp. Space was limited and I wanted to make sure the quilters went home with a finished quilt!

It was all hands on deck as they helped each other pin baste their layers together.

Did you take note of our super fancy green band-aids!!!! Pinning is dangerous work! Miss A. wore her painter's tape band-aids with pride once I told her she was now a 'real' quilter as she had bled for her art!

The binding was sewn completely on the machine. We discussed hand sewing and decided that machine stitching was the best choice!

We had some extra time and made snap bags with our leftover fabric.

It was a fantastic week with these younger quilters. All were heading off on vacation either later that evening or early Saturday. First to be packed are their quilts and snap bags!

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