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Coloured Cabins - what's your colour?

Quick, What's your favourite colour? Don't think about it. Just shout it out!

Have you ever thought about how that particular colour became your favourite? Currently my favourite colour is RED. Bright Red, not a raspberry or pinky red, not a dark burgundy red, but a bright clear Canada Maple Leaf flag red, a bright tomato red!!! That's my colour…..but it wasn't always red.

I clearly remember in Junior High my bedroom was royal blue and orange. I mean the walls were painted ORANGE, a bright, in your face ORANGE. Go figure.

Lately, I've been sewing a lot with GREEN. It was my daughter's favourite colour and anything I made for her had to be a nice bright forest GREEN, not an emerald green. Since her passing, I've been doing lots of projects with GREEN, probably as a way to grieve her passing. Colours 3 and 5 on the graphic below were Kasey's favourite.

Have you ever wondered why some quilts "just speak to you" and others "turn you off"? It may be the piecing pattern, but most of the time it's the colour combination that attracts or detracts from the finished project. Many times I'll look at a quilt (online, in a magazine, at a quilt show or even as a class sample) and there is something about it that yells, I WANT TO MAKE THAT!

There is all kinds of information on-line about what colours say about you and how our eyes read or don't read the individual colours. I'm calling them colours, but technically they are called HUES. I'll probably continue to call them colours but swap out HUES occasionally. As I learned it this way, and as I'm an old dog, I don't learn new tricks!!!!!

I'm about to start a summer series of blog posts about colour. I'm also going to throw in Log Cabin Quilts. I'll be writing 2 separate post series and publishing them weekly. One will focus on some simple colour theory and the other series will be on designing and constructing Log Cabin Blocks.

Let's take a closer look

Colour Theory

Some of the challenges that quilters face is making the tough decisions about choosing their fabrics. They rely on store staff to pick the fabrics for them, or resort to purchasing ready make kits. In this blog series, I'm going to look at some simple colour theory, how the colour wheel works, what the colour wheel is and how to combine colours for some amazing quilts.

Log Cabin Quilts

As a way to stitch up some samples to demonstrate colour theory and as a way to use up some of the many fabrics I have (scraps, scraps and more scraps), I'm going to work through the construction of a number of different Log Cabin quilts. We'll look at cutting and sewing a variety of blocks and get into a bit of block and quilt designing

So, pull out your scraps (anything that you consider a scrap) - and join me in what I hope will be a fun and informative summer of quilting! I'm calling the series Coloured Cabins-


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