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Stars & Swirls Summer 2020 Quilt Along - #1, Lets Get Started!

It's Week 1 of the Stars & Swirls Summer 2020 Quilt Along. Are you ready???

Check the post from last week for the invitation. This week, we are going to review the supply list and make sure we have what we need to get started as well as get started on some cutting.

Stars & Swirls King, 110 x 110"

But first, the inspiration for my sample quilt.

I, like many spend time each day looking through some of the remarkable images on instagram. I was introduced to a gentleman by the name of Keith BrymerJones. He is a potter in the UK and looking at some of the images, lives near the southern coast. I just loved this image and decided that it would be inspiration for this quilt.

I'm recording some videos for each step and I hope you'll be kind to me as we work on this fun quilt together. I'm getting more comfortable in front of the camera and I think my editing skills are improving.

So, today. We'll review the supply list for fabrics and the tools required and start some cutting.

I originally posted a PDF with incorrect fabric supply list. Please make sure you have the most recent on, dated June 1. Print it up and follow along.

I've designed the pattern for the Stars and Swirls to use just 2 fabrics in lights and darks. My original quilt was designed around the light and darks, but I used a collection of dark/blue batiks and light/beige batiks. I find it works well, but is a little busy. I am sure the quilting will help to set off the differences more. For this project, I'd suggest sticking with clear light and dark fabrics as in my samples. Now, if you are not sure you want to commit, let's face it, a big quilt takes a lot of fabric. Choose a smaller quilt to learn the techniques, or just follow along and use up what's in your stash, to learn how to use the tools and make a block or two.

Tools Needed

This pattern is designed to use 2 of Deb Tucker's Studio 180 Design tools. You can purchase them from me directly, please email me to order as I don't have them on the web site at this moment.

Large Square Squared $79 CDN

Wing Clipper 1 $31 CDN

You will also need a 24" long ruler. The one I use in the video is 8 1/2" wide. It's a great size because for the most part the widest units are 7 1/2" wide. I recommend also using a 12" long ruler. It's easier than maneuvering the big ruler for smaller cuts.

A medium-large rotary cutting mat as well as a smaller mat that you can easily rotate for trimming. Don't forget a rotary cutting and fresh blades. Watch the video for my tips for choosing and using rotary cutter.

Here is a list of other things you should have.

  • Pen or pencil for marking fabric. I prefer a mechanical pencil but in this case a fine tip permanent marker will work well.

  • Fine tip permanent marker

  • Quilter's Magic Wand

  • Post it Notes

  • Paper Plates - dinner size

  • Quilters Glow Tap

  • Fine thread for piecing and the correct size needle for the thread. I like a small top stitch needle for the finer thread.

  • Don't forget an iron and pressing mat or ironing board. I like an iron with a lot of steam.

  • A design wall or large space for laying out the blocks will also come in handy.

Stars & Swirls Lap 59" x 59"

Ok, now, let's review cutting. Next week we'll cut for our block units, but review these cutting videos and practice in the mean time.

Right Handed Cutting

Even if you are right handed, watch the left handed cutting video, I share more tips and tricks.

Left Handed Cutting

Get your supplies together and I'll meet you back here next Monday, June 8 for the start of unit cutting and block sewing.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Subscribe to the blog so you get notifications when I post and I'll look forward to sharing this fun quilt with you this summer.

1 Comment

Unknown member
Jun 01, 2020

Hi Allison,

Loved your videos. Reminded me of the classes I took. You look really professional

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