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Easy Quilted Placemats

I've decided to make a good friend some placemats. Her kitchen is painted a burnt red, so I thought some red-orange-rust placemats would do the trick.

I bought some FQ and a meter each of coordinating fabrics at Cindy-Rella's Quilt Shop in Regina. They have a whole rack of end of bolts in 1 meter sections. AND they were buy one get 1 free! So, my 2 meters of fabric were from that rack and they generously cut FQs of the other fabrics I chose.

My mother gave me a copy of a placemat pattern. One large piece on the side and a whole bunch of rectangles.....I decided to cut strips and sew them together with a diagonal seam. I then cut them into the required lengths and sewed 6 lengths together.

When it came time to quilting, I loaded the whole back piece and arranged the 6 placemats so I could quilt them as one.

I stitched around each placemat to secure it to the batting and backing, but quilted each pair as one.

I've recently been watching Christina Cameli's Wild Quilting class on Craftsy and took the opportunity to "play" on these placemats. Once the quilting was complete, I trimmed the 6 placemats to size.

I stitched the binding on the back side and folded it to the front and machine stitched. Look for my post on how I 'glue' my binding in place to stitch coming soon.

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