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It's always tough to get a good quilt picture.

Klein Lake, British Columbia....such a beautiful spot. I spent a few days visiting my daughter and we drove up the Sunshine Coast to camp for a few days. I must say that after the last month of Calgary weather, the 'not a cloud in the sky' days were wonderful.

Over the years I've made a variety of quilts and given them to my girls. This Disappearing 9-Patch quilt was made when Kasey planned to move home. We painted the room for her and I made this quilt. She headed back to Vancouver after a short 6 months and took the quilt with her.

I don't remember much about making this quilt. The outside corners of the 9-Patch were the light batik squares. The sides were medium squares and the centres were either a dark brown or a dark blue batik.

This quilt has 3 borders. The inner border was a simple curl feather. It looks different on the two pictures. Maybe I did different curls on this inner border. Who knows. The pieced border is easy to see and it's an alternating curl. This is a great way to stitch a long narrow strips. The direction changes often, so you can't go wrong.

The outer border is a one sided feather. Looks like I stitched some curls along the way to keep things from looking too 'samey-same'. And, it's really difficult to see the quilting in the blocks. I may have to make another quilt just to re-do the quilting and make sure everything shows clearly!

I'm pleased to say that this quilt has been used and loved.

Here is some lovely lake "eye-candy".

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