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Who say's you can't teach an old dog new tricks!

As I'm writing, we're just sitting down to an afternoon cup of coffee before heading out for dinner with family. My parents have been visiting for 2 weeks and they go home to Winnipeg tomorrow.

Mum and Dad moved into a new apartment this summer. Dad has had to give up his garden, his woodwork and stained glass work and I've been worried how he has been keeping busy other than reading and watching TV.

I want to share some exciting accomplishments.

One morning at breakfast, early in our visit, Dad was looking at my placemats. He decided that he could make those! So we trooped down to my studio and he pulled fabric from my stash.

He chose yellow, blue and red batiks and we got started cutting and sewing. We determined early on that he cut better with the spring loaded deluxe cutter rather than the regular cutter.

We had to figure out how to make the quarter inch seam allowance.

Isn't he cute!

He's so proud of himself!!!!!

My Dad is a retired Tool and Dye Maker. He worked in the aerospace industry and is a stickler for accuracy. Growing up, we used to laugh that after dinner each night he would file his thumb nail to the exact same measurement.

Once the 3 blocks were completed, he learned how to quilt and bind them.

That's pretty good matching as far as anyone is concerned!

We made him layer and quilt and bind in a traditional method. He is a master of the mitred corner. He did OK, but according to him, not good enough. Dad has difficulty using his right hand and because of injuries has limited feeling in some fingers on both hands.

On his 2nd placemat we used the pillow turn method and sewed the layers together around the edge and turned right side out through an opening. He is much happier with the result.

Dad even tried his hand at straight line quilting once the placemat was complete.

You'll notice the placemat on the right isn't complete, he plans to complete this at home.

We took a road trip on New Year's Eve out to Canmore and dropped in at The Sugar Pin Company. Dad raced me up the stairs and look at these lovely Fat Quarters he bought!!!!

I think Mum and I have created a MONSTER!!!!! She has said she is willing to share her tools, stash and sewing machines with Dad. I hope he doesn't' take over!

I've promised Dad that any quilt tops he makes, I'll quilt for him. Can't wait for the first quilt top to arrive.

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