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Challenge 2017 - #21 & 22, class sample quilts

I'm not counting weeks yet, but I know I still have some catch up to do on my Challenge for 2017. 52 finished quilts/projects in 52 weeks! I'm slow, but I'm getting there.

This post could be considered a cheater post. I am showing you 8 small quilts, but counting them as only 2 quilts. I've started travelling and teaching for Handi Quilter. I need to take samples with me for each of the classes I'm to teach. I HATE the creases that I get in my quilts when I fold them and taking 4 large quilts, when something smaller will do is a good idea. I've come up with this great idea. I mark and load a big quilt (it will fit my suitcase folded into quarters). I quilt each section slightly differently to show different tools and techniques but in keeping with the class content. Once the quilt is quilted, I cut it apart into 4 smaller quilts.

I bind them but am thinking that a facing on the inside corners of the quilts may look better. They are the perfect size to stack in my suitcase and very easy to pass around in a class for the students to take a closer look......a quick look at my blue feather quilt samples.

Top left: basic tear drop feathers with echo stitching in the background.

Top right: hook feathers with crosshatching in the background.

Bottom right: bounce back feathers with dense curved crosshatching in the center of an oval block.

Bottom left: feather combo, made with a repeating combination of all 3 feather styles. Dense pebbling in the background and dense piano keys in the border.

Here are my ruler samples.

Top left: straight line ruler work.

Top right: curves using the inside and outside of the Versa Tool ruler

Bottom right: baptist fan using the circle ruler

Bottom left: Clamshell using the half circle ruler.

I'm thinking that after washing and drying (I forgot them in the dryer) that these samples don't show as well as I had hoped they will. I'll be making more in the coming months. I'll try to share those as well.

Whew! 2 more quilts done. I'm up to 22 quilts finished this year!

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