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Thursday Thread - DecoBob part 3

It's Thursday and time for this week's Thursday Thread. Each week I highlight a thread that I use in my studio and give some information about the thread and share some pictures of my work.

Today's thread is WonderFil's DecoBob. For the last 2 weeks I've been sharing about one of my all time favorite threads - DecoBob. I piece with it and I use it in the bobbin for applique and decorative stitching. This week I'll share a bit about how I use it for free motion quilting on my longarm and domestic machines. DecoBob is available in many sizes to meet our needs. There are pre-wound bobbins in Class 15, Size L and Size M for easy use in our machines and in the 2000m (2187yd), 6000m (6562yd) spools.

Because DecoBob has been cottonized, it doesn't stretch and the finish is much less shiny that a regular polyester. The thread will blend with the fabric and all you will see if texture rather than thread.

I find that I often just plop the thread on the machine, either in the needle or in the bobbin and start sewing. Yes, I do like to use a shorter stitch length because the thread is finer and weaker than a heavier thread. But I can do some fine details and stitch with very little worries.

The straight lines were stitched using DecoBob. The stitching doesn't show as much as the shiny metallic thread.

The front of a quilt stitched with DecoBob. Lots of texture.

Give Decobob a chance. Check out WonderFil's website and be sure to visit their booth at any quilt and sewing shows. The have sample packs that you can pick up inexpensively and try their threads.

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