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End of 2017 and what's in store for 2018 at Meadow Rose Quilts

Welcome to the last day of 2017. It has been a year of great successes and not so great successes. Not gonna say they are failures, just not successes yet! Thought I'd share a bit of both as I review 2017 and plan for 2018.


I started the year with the goal of finishing 52 quilted projects. I succeeded in finishing and blogging about 27 finished quilts. I KNOW I've completed more quilts, but somehow I lost my mojo for blogging about them. Below is a picture of the 3 most recent quilt finishes. I'll write and post blogs about each of them later once I have some good pictures of them.


I had also wanted to review and re-publish some of my patterns and my beginner quilting book. GIANT FAIL on that one! I have done a bit of work on some of them, but I never got around to the last steps. My goal for early 2018 is to get my Crossroads pattern edited and re-branded under the Meadow Rose Quilts name.


In the fall I started a Thursday Threads post series. I use a lot of WonderFil and Superior threads and thought it would be helpful to share my thoughts and experiences with these threads. Life got in the way and I didn't post regularly as planned.


I taught a number of quilting classes this year, but not as many as I would like to teach in 2018. I was privileged to be invited to teach at Handi Quilter Academy in Salt Lake City. I also traveled to Handi Quilter retailers in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta to teach at Education Events. My goals for 2018 is to develop and teach more classes in and around Calgary as well as scheduled more Handi Quilter Education Events in Western Canada. I teach mostly at Bow Bench Retreat and Pinheads Quilting Company.

So, plans for 2018 are:

  1. Finish my 2017 Challenge and maybe add another 12 projects for 2018. This included posting about them as soon as they are complete.

  2. Continue my Thursday Threads weekly thread posts. These I'll keep short and sweet.

  3. Review, edit and re-publish at least 3 of my patterns. I'll add a tab to the menu at the top of my website for the sale of PDF patterns.

Wish me luck!

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