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Challenge 2017/18 - # 41, Hoffman Dream Big - Tide Pool

I've been busy.

In January I went to the Handi Quilter head office for National Educator training in Salt Lake City. We had a great time getting to know each other better and learning from the Studio Educators and one another. We had a bit of show and tell. We had been challenged to quilt ice dyed panels that we had been given at 2016's educator training. I blogged about my efforts here.

Kelly Ashton, Dream Big by Hoffman

In addition to these quilts we were showing, some of us brought other quilts to show. Kelly Ashton showed a Hoffman Dream Big panel that she had quilted. We were all in awe and many of us have since quilted our own. Here's the store of my first attempt.

I knew one store in Calgary carried the prints. I knew there were lots of colour choices. So I sent hubby down to visit Along Came Quilting to pick a panel for me. He chose the Tide Pool panel for me and has since laid claim to it for his office!

I loaded the quilt with a poly/cotton blend batting with 2 layers of wool batting on top. I knew this would be a wallhanging, so didn't have to worry about drape.

I started by basting all layers together working from the top to the bottom of the quilt. I could then moved up and down the quilt to work in a variety of areas as required. I snipped and pulled the basting threads as I got to each area. I quilted around each petal with a double stitching line about 1/4" apart. I used WonderFil DecoBob (#103) for the bobbin thread and needle thread to do my outlining.

I laid some Preview Paper over the quilt to "play" with some quilting designs before I committed myself to quilting all those petals.

I also pulled out any and all threads that might work and whittled down to a few threads to use in the quilt.

I quilted the very centre with Superior Thread's Masterpiece (113).

I then worked my way around the quilt and quilted the inner petals with a double thread. I used Superior's Fantastico (5119) and Omni (9036). I really like combining a variegated thread with a solid. The colour change is very subtle.

For the outer petals I quilted with Superior's Omni-V (9029) and Masterpiece (133).

The shading from the combined threads is subtle, but it gave me a chance to play with these threads.

My quilt will be on display at The Festival of Quilts at Heritage Park in May and then it will hang on the wall in hubby's office. Enjoy!

Note: Read all about the 2nd panel "Wild Rose" that I did thanks to Kelly's continued inspiration.

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