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Getting myself organized....more Makin' it Monday

A few years ago I challenged myself to finish a quilt a month. I failed miserably. So, in planning and recording my list of "I want to do this year" projects, I came up with this brilliant idea!

I have crafting A.D.D. or SQUIRREL as my friend calls it. I often have great plans to work on a project but quickly get side tracked and work on something else. I then find it challenging to get back to that first project.

So here is how I plan to accomplish my goals for the coming months.

I made a massive list of my quilting projects using Microsoft Notebook. In addition to listing each project, I'm itemizing the steps required to get to that finish line and using a checkbox to mark when I've completed that step. The list became hard to look at and I will admit that I got very overwhelmed, very quickly.

So here comes my brilliant idea.....craft sticks! Yep! I convinced my hubby to help me and he numbered sticks, one for each of my projects, and painted 1 end of each stick.

The plan is to pick a stick from the container - I can't see the project number - and work on at least 1 step of that project. I can refer to my Notebook list as needed. In the event that I complete that project completely, I'll pop the stick back in the cotainer with the un-coloured end up. The goal is to have no colored sticks showing by the end of the year.

If I get side tracked on the project, I can simply put the project away and put the stick colored side up, back in the can.

Let me show you how it works.

I pulled stick #30 and checked my master list in Notebook.

Turns out it is the One Block Wonder Quilt that has been hiding - not a fan of one block wonders - for a long time. I have the blocks made and need to lay them out and arrange them before sewing the blocks into the quilt. That's a lot to do on a project I don't really want to work on.

So, I layed them out and decided I may get more use - gifting - if I made 2 quilts from the blocks.

Arranging has been done and I needed to clean up to get ready for a class. I stacked the blocks in row order for sewing on another day.

I've checked off that item on my Notebook list and packed everything away.

Stick #30 now goes BACK into the can with the yellow paint side up to be randomly pulled at another date and worked on for a step or two.

I think I'm brilliant! We'll see how long that feeling lasts!!!!

Happy Quilting.


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