I was recently working on a customer quilt and as usual my mind tended to wonder. Thought I'd share the thought process with you!!! It has been paraphrased a bit, but I think you get the general idea!

BTW The quilt images are some of my quilts.

Me 1: This is such a simple thing to do. I feel guilty charging my customer so much. Let's turn on the stitch timer and see how long it really takes me to stitch this quilt and maybe charge her less.

Me 2: Hey, that's not how it works! You've given your customer a quote and you should stick to it!

Me 1: But, it's not going to take me a long time! I can knock this puppy off in a couple of hours. She's a good piecer so I don't have a lot of fixes or fudges to do. I can't justify charging the quote.

Me 2: What about the cost to you?

Me 1: Huh?

Me 2: Yeah. you may want to charge less, but what about the cost to you?

Me 1: What cost? My time in front of the machine? I do want to make a decent hourly wage, but other than that I've worked the thread and needle costs into my quote. She's paying me the going rate for the batting I'm selling her even though I bought at wholesale cost. I'll make a little extra there.

Me 2: And your other costs?

Me 1: What other costs?

Me 2: The cost of your machine...that wasn't free


Me 2: The cost of all the other accessories and equipment that you added to your machines.....that wasn't free.

Me 2: What about all that thread you have in all those 35 thread boxes!!! Yes, you buy it so you have a good selection for your customers, but it cost you to purchase them all.

Me 2: The cost of all the classes you've taken and the added expenses on travel involved...those weren't free!

Me 2: What about your library of books you spent money on?

Me 2: What about the time you spent on the internet researching for new ideas and the time you spent practicing to make that simple design really easy!!!!!

Me 2: Many will call a lot of this professional development.