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Tuckerize it!

There are times in our lives when things happen and we go with the flow without thinking.

This past summer I was approached by a quilting friend, and she asked if I knew much about Deb Tucker's Studio 180 Designs. Of course I'd heard of her tools, I had a few. I'd taken a class and made a Hunter's Star Quilt using Deb Tucker's book, Hidden Treasures and a couple of the tools (rulers).

This friend told me about the instructor certification training in February 2020. I looked into the application process and thought the requirements were manageable. I was required to write a 2 page biography about my quilting history and teaching experience. I also needed to sew 7 blocks using the Tucker Tools. And finally. I needed to send in 2 written references. Asking 2 friends to write and send in letters of reference was easy. Writing my own biography wasn't so easy, but I did it!

I stitched the blocks on our road trip vacation this summer. Lots of hotel room sewing! They were done and everything, including the application, my blocks and registration fee were mailed off to Sue at Deb Tucker's Studio 180 Designs. I received a congratulations email shortly after and was sent a list of things I needed to do to get ready. My fall fell apart shortly after and I rushed to prepare just before I left.

I must say the process of getting these blocks done and making sure my sewing skills were good if not excellent really made me a fan of the Studio 180 Design tools. I love that we sew oversized units and then trim them down to the correct and exact size.....precision trimming! My application blocks made me a believer in the Tucker Tools!!!!!

Deb Tucker's Studio 180 Designs has tools (rulers) that allow us to make many sizes of block units with a single tool. They have also prepared Technique Sheets that give you additional ideas for using the tools and many, many fantastic patterns. I'm so excited to join this fantastic group of quilting instructors!

I've been home a week today. We know that because my alarm went off at 3, 3:30, and 3:45 this morning. It appears that I forgot to turn off last week's "get to the airport on time" alarm!

I've spent the last week thinking, planning, and working on class ideas. I'm in the process of updating the Meadow Rose website to reflect the recent changes and updates to my quilting and teaching career.

I was asked to watch sick grandkids twice this week. We did lots of on the couch cuddling. I found that while my cuddler was napping, I spent time on Pinterest looking at block and quilt images and thinking about how I would Tuckerize them.

Here are my thoughts on sharing these fantastic Deb Tucker's Studio 180 Designs with everyone.

  • monthly session at the Meadow Rose studio (my house)

  • each session would focus on 1 of the Studio 180 Designs tools or Technique Sheets

  • I would do a formal teaching presentation for up to I hour and give students 2 hours of sewing and individual help.

  • I have the tools so you can play with them before you buy them.

  • I am going to reorganize the studio with a dedicated classroom space and have sewing machines available for students to use. I'll also make the larger tools available for student use. (Cutting boards, large rulers, iron and board), this should make it easier for you attend.

  • a full supply list will be posted on the website for each session. 3-4 FQ of fabric, rotary cutter and basic sewing kit should be all you need.

  • class times, 11am-2pm, 2:30-5:30pm or 6-9 pm. Feel free to register for more than 1 class session each day.

These are my thoughts and plans. I'm thinking of offering TUCKER THURSDAYs, starting in April and running on a monthly basis. Depending on participant interest, we could go to twice a month. Let me know what you think about this idea. Let me know what you want to learn. I'll also be planning other classes and workshops for the studio as well as promoting myself for guild and group presentations.


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