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Wedge Star Variations

Had a brief outing this morning to drive up to Never Done Quilting in Beiseker to drop off quilt class samples.

On October 1, we're having a Free Motion Quilting-Let's Get Started class. And on November 12, its a Studio 180 Design Wedge Star tool class. I made 2 samples to use in both classes - I think I'm being pretty resourseful here!

These two quilts are made using the Wedge Star tool from Studio 180 Design. We are going to be making 9" blocks in either a 2 colour or 4 colour variation.

My mum stopped quilting this past year and when I went to visit in April, I drove back with 35 scrapbooking boxes full of fabric. My goal for any future quilts, especially class samples, will be to use up her fabrics as much as I can.

Both of these quilts (front and back) were made with only her fabrics. The yellow and blue is smaller because that's all the fabric she had!

I take the opportunity on these class sample quilts to play and experiment and then can share my experiments with my students.

This quilt for example. The blue thread contrasts with the yellow fabric print, but you don't see much of the design on the blue/yellow print, so there is no need to spend a lot of time quilting in these sections. The work in the border doesn't really matter unless the light is shining the right way. Perfect example for the discussion about thread, colour and texture in quilting.

The quilting on the 4 colour wedge star could be considered a mistake. I chose a thread colour to match the dark "circles" and my lovely feathers don't show up as well as they could. I should have used a light blue/teal thread if I really wanted the feathers to stand out. You can easily see the contrast in the light blue wedge units, so I had to dress them up a bit and keep the rest fairly simple.

Especially when I quilt for intended class samples, I like to use neutral backings. Again, as I'm trying to use up as much of Mum's fabric as possible, this backing was pieced from the remainder of what was in the scrapbook box. The added advantage is that these backings really do show off the quilting.

That's two more quilts finished and 1 box completely empty. Now to grab another box and see what kind of dent I can make it that one.

Happy Quilting.


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